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Wheat Oligopeptide


Wheat oligopeptide was extracted from natural wheat protein, which was made from wheat-protein-rich wheat gluten. It was refined from gradient composite enzyme cutting, multistage separation purification and spray drying technology. The proportion of peptides with relative molecular weight of less than 1000 Daltons is more than 85%.

Product Function

1. Intestinal cell regeneration

Supplementing a certain amount of wheat oligopeptide can promote the growth of intestinal epithelial cells and improve protein absorption and utilization.

2. Enhance body’s motility

Supplementation of wheat oligopeptide effectively slows down the skeletal muscle protein content caused by exercise.


Product Application Field

Healthy products: improve immunity for people with intestinal immune system disorders

Specific whole nutritional food: help patients with fast stress recover

Sports nutritional food: supplement glutamine to prevent muscle protein breakdown

Brain protection: maintain brain ammonia balance

Suggested Use

3 – 5 g per day

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