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Pea Peptide


Pea peptide is made from high-purity natural pea protein, which is refined by modern bio-enzymatic technology, separation and purification as well as spray drying. It completely and efficiently retains the bio-active components in pea protein. The proportion of peptides with relative molecular weight of less than 2000 Daltons is more than 85%.

Product Function

1. Regulate intestinal flora

Pea peptide can promote the growth of probiotic and balance the bacterial flora in the small intestine.

2. Antibacterial property

Pea peptide can improve the ability of immunomodulation.

Product Application Field

Food: beverages, tablets, candy, capsules, etc.

Food for intestinal regulation: promote the growth of probiotics and balance the intestinal flora.

Food for immunomodulatory function: anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory effects, enhance body immune system.

Sports nutritional food: protein and peptide supplements.

Suggested Use

3 – 4 g per day

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