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Bitter Melon Peptide


The high-content, high-activity hypoglycemic polypeptide was extracted from the seeds of natural bitter melon by bio-directed digestion techniques; while at the same time remains a variety of hypoglycemic active substances such as bitter melon saponin and bitter melon polysaccharide. The proportion of peptides with relative molecular weight of less than 2000 Daltons is more than 80%.

Product Function

1. Regulate blood sugar level

Bitter melon peptide works well on improving glucose tolerance.

2. Lower blood fat

Bitter melon peptide has the ability to lower serum triglycerides and low density lipoproteins, and increase high density lipoproteins. It also has certain therapeutic effects on hyperlipidemia.

Product Application Field

Food: beverages, tablets, candy, capsules, etc.

Healthy products

Special medical food

Product for lower blood sugar and blood fat

Healthy food ingredients

Suggested Use

2 – 4 g per day

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