Definition of Probiotics:

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits to the host when ingested in adequate amounts.

Benefits of Probiotics:

Probiotics health benefits vector infographic. Flat stroke illustration about nutrient rich food and how probiotics influences human body. Top 10 probiotics benefit.Probiotic Mechanisms of Action:

Different types of probiotics maintain the stability of the intestinal micro-ecology through the same or different mechanisms of action, thereby promoting the health of the body.

A. Effects on epithelum

B. Effects on mucosal immunity

C. Effects on intestinal micro-ecology

D. Metabolites have beneficial effects on the body

Benefits of Peptides:

Low molecular weight

Easy to digest and absorb


No side effect

Biological active

Bio-active Peptides + Probiotics: 1+1>2

Defense, Regulate, Benefit

The patented technology combines specific probiotics with bioactive peptides to maximize the synergy between the two

Defense: Synergistically enhance intestinal barrier function

The intestinal mucosal immune barrier is an important line of defense for the body’s immune system. It has the function of preventing pathogenic microorganisms and toxins from entering the blood circulation through the intestinal tract, thereby maintaining body health.

When the intestinal mucosal immune barrier is damaged, harmful substances can easily enter the internal circulation system of the body, induce an inflammatory reaction, cause organ dysfunction, and endanger the health of the body.


Peterson L W, Artis D. Intestinal epithelial cells: regulators of barrier function and immune homeostasis[J]. Nature Reviews Immunology, 2014, 14(3): 141.

Bioactive peptides and probiotics can enhance intestinal barrier function in multiple ways and improve host immune function:

Enhance intestinal immune function

Maintain intestinal redox balance

Maintain intestinal bio-barrier

Regulate: Synergistic regulation of intestinal flora

The stability of the intestinal micro-ecology is significant for maintaining the health of the body. Intestinal flora dysbiosis may lead to intestinal diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system diseases and even cancer.

Bioactive peptides can promote the growth of probiotics, synergize with probiotics to inhibit the proliferation and colonization of intestinal pathogenic bacteria, and synergize with probiotics to regulate the intestinal flora.

Benefit: Synergistically benefit the body

Enhance immunity

Regulate intestinal flora

Help reduce blood fat

Liver protection 

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