Global Strategy

Setting base across globe and processing raw materials locally, SmartPEP is able to ensure best quality and top nutrition value for all products.

Focusing on quality and nutritional value has gained SmartPEP various partner opportunities internationally. SmartPEP works with distributor and internationally recognized food product companies

Anti-Aging House Technology Co.,Ltd is the largest anti-aging solution company in Australia. A2H offers a grand of products, including the well-recognized brand UTU. The UTU makes breakthrough in traditional skin caring area by applying peptide technology and nvel skin caring philosophy of regulating the inner function.

A2H uses the most natural, clean raw material in their product process, and this philosophy lead to the global collaboration between A2H and SmartPEP. Currently, SmartPEP is one of the main material supplier for A2H.

Peptide manufacturing: SmartPEP uses small molecule peptide. The small molecule works more effectively for our body to absorbed the nutrient. With the increasing incidence of various metabolic diseases and cancers around the world, more and more people have begun to pay attention to good health and high quality life. Although standard conventional therapy can help relieve symptoms of disease in a short period of time, the safety and abuse problems related to prescription drugs and chemicals are very controversial in the medical community.


Natural nutrition therapy has become the trend of medical development of the century. Functional nutrition products and superfoods will become one of the main options for disease prevention and repair for disease and sub-health population.


SmartPEP works with NRC for Bioprocess Development towards the Full Utilization of Flaxseed Meal for Flax Gum and Protein Hydrolysates