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SmartPEP is one of the most well known peptide producers in the world. Since our inception, we have worked hard to provide top of the line service to our customers, explore the potential of new peptide applications, and develop global relationships. We are founded on the basis of sustainability and our ability to use recycled raw material to create peptide products is our speciality.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Raw Material

At SmartPEP we believe in creating products that are sustainability for your health, as well as our enviroment. Through our industry leading technology, we are able to create peptides from various sources of raw material. As a result of this, we are producing less waste, providing high quality products, and helping sustain a way of life for our customers and our enviroment.

From the Land to the Store, SmartPEP is at the Core

SmartPEP is proud to be a vertically integrated company.  We are involved with all aspects of research and development, from sourcing premium raw ingredients to creating, and manufacturing unique supplements that supports all aspects of your personal health.  Through every step we take to providing solutions to a healthy lifestyle for everyone, we also strive for an eco friendly future.

Research and Development

Our research is at the forefront of peptides industry. Discover how we develop our peptide based products for an international market.

Premium Raw Material

Our peptide products come from a vast supply of raw materials. Learn how our sustainable materials are used to make superfood powders.

Technology and Production

Our cutting edge technology is our strength. Here’s how we are using our technological edge to develop products that are unmatched in the industry.

Applications And Branding

We apply our peptide formulas  to various unique products. Our worldwide sales have earned us a reputation as a global leader in production.

The Heartbeat of the Global Peptide Market

In the growing peptide market, SmartPEP is a premier company across the globe.

Industry Leading Sustainability

The raw material based products we produce are certified and sold in multiple countries. SmartPEP’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle starts with a sustainable planet.

Worldwide Peptide Presence

SmartPEP is attending more international conferences each year. With trips to Switzerland and Singapore this year, we are able to understand global market trends.

Trusted Research Leader

SmartPEP and the NRC are partnering on a current research project focused on Bioprocess Development towards the Full Utilization of Flaxseed Meal for Flax Gum.

Introducing Our Fish Collagen Peptides

SmartPEP® Fish Collagen Peptide is quality assured and molecular size tested by accredited third-party independent laboratory.

Used in Our Blueberry Colagen Peptide

Provides powerful anti-aging properties. Each capsule smoothes and softens skin, resulting in a radiant complexion. The product is great for health, as it supports the kidney and improves joint mobility.

Frequently asked questions

Bioactive peptides are compromised of two or more amino acid residues joined together by peptide bonds and are typically derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. Bioactive peptides are low molecular weight protein fragments of 2–20 amino acids residues that exhibit beneficial physiological effects in vivo.

The peptides are produced via a highly unique enzymatic process. SmartPEP peptides are protein that has been hydrolyzed, which means it is sliced into smaller pieces by enzymes. Hydrolysis the process of enzymatic breakdown of protein, normally conducted in the GI tract (stomach and small intestine). Enzymatic hydrolysis can also be performed outside the human body, and this is how protein hydrolysates are processed. Food-grade enzymes are introduced to protein concentrate or isolate thus reducing the size of the protein molecules, called peptides. SmartPEP has exclusive technology that insures complete hydrolysis and absorption. Our technology is simple, green enzymatic process for producing and separating a protein- and/or peptide-enriched fraction and a dietary fiber-enriched fraction from a biomass.

Moving beyond conventional nutritional benefits and functionality is the discovery that bioactive peptides derived from many food proteins have a positive impact on the health of cardiovascular, immune, nervous and gastrointestinal systems.
Bioactive peptides may exhibit wide range of biological functions, including antihypertensive, antioxidant, mucin-stimulating, insulin-mimetic, and antiosteoporotic, antimicrobial activities and modulation of digestive enzymes, nutrient absorption and immune responses, among others.

Bovine milk and eggs are the most important sources of protein and bioactive peptides in human diets.
Bioactive peptides from plant sources are typically from soy beans, pulses (chickpea, beans, peas, and lentils), canola, flaxseed, hemp seed, brown rice, corn, wheat, oats and potatoes. Furthermore, proteins from marine sources have also been used, for instance, fish, squid, salmon, sea urchin, oyster, seahorse, and snow crab. This wide array of bioactive peptides sources enables industry to reduce the potential allergenicity of a food.

A high degree of hydrolysis (High-DH) will produce more di and tri-peptides and significantly lower AMW (average molecular weight) around 1,000 daltons, whereas lower DH powders, often used due to their lower cost and ease of flavoring have little to no concentrations of di and tri-peptides or Lower Molecular Peptides, a higher AMW, and may be relatively biologically unchanged from their prior unhydrolyzed state.

The best test is to find out the percent of di and tri-peptides or proportion of molecular weight distribution. A High-DH will have over 50% di and tri-peptides. Just as important, a top quality High-DH, biologically-efficient protein product like SmartPEP peptides contain low concentrations of free-form amino acids; levels under 3-5% total. Some products attempt to deceive the consumer by reducing their average molecular weight tests by adding large amounts of free form AAs. This is not what a true High-DH hydrolysate (peptide) is.

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